Lessons Week of 5/4/20

Hi 3rd Graders!

Please follow along with the video lessons below. If you are able, please print the following coloring page that goes along with Lesson #12. Clarinet Coloring Pages-15

Please complete the exit ticket when you are finished with both lessons Exit Ticket Week of 5/4/20

Have a great week!

-Mrs. Murphy

Lesson #11 Written directions to interactive activities here: 3rdLesson#11 5:4:20

If you need help on the interactive solfa activity on musicplay, please use the visuals below to help!

LowLa on the Staff

LowLa Step and Skips

Lesson #12

Clarinet Video (click the text link below)

Clarinet Video

As a bonus for Lesson #12 I’ve added a video of the saxophone. We do not always find a saxophone in the orchestra, but sometimes we do! It’s a pretty neat instrument, so I thought you’d enjoy the video. Here is a coloring page for the saxophone if you would like it! SaxophoneColoring

Saxophone Video


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