Lessons Week of 4/20/20

Hi First Graders!

Please follow along with the video lessons this week! You will need to print out this sheet String Family Coloring Sheet for Lesson #8 along with a pencil and crayons or colored pencils. When you have finished both lessons, please complete the Exit Ticket Week of 4/20/20 Have fun!

This week, elementary students are invited to participate in Lakewood’s Porch Concerts! You may have noticed students on their porches performing music or creating art on Thursdays from 5:00-5:30PM. I’ve attached a recording of the alma mater, which you will hear other students singing to start off their concerts!

Prepare a song of your choice to perform on your porch this Thursday April 23rd between 5:00 and 5:30. It can be a song you enjoy singing or a song we’ve learned in music. Wear you Lakewood or Lincoln gear and have your family take a picture and video of you and tag it to #oneheartbeatoneLKWD and #InThisTogetherLKWD. @lkwdschools

I look forward to seeing pictures of you “concerts”!

-Mrs. Murphy

Lesson #7 Print Directions to activities here: 1st Lesson #7 Week of 4:20:20


Lesson #8

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