Lessons Week of 5/18/20

Hi Kindergarteners!

This is our last set of lessons for the school year! I want you to know how much I miss you all! I can’t wait to see you again next school year and I hope that you have a great summer! Keep singing your favorite songs and listening to your favorite music! 🙂

You only need to do Lesson #15 this week. When you finish lesson #15, please complete the exit ticket. Exit Ticket Week of 5/18/20

I’ve also posted Lesson #16 if you would like to do it! I will also put two more lessons up for you next week if you would like to do them! They will be lessons that finish up “Carnival of the Animals”. If you are looking for something to do, they will be posted for you next week! 🙂

Please follow along with the video lessons this week! If you would like, please print this coloring pages for Lesson #15 and #16 CofA5:18:20

Have fun!

-Mrs. Murphy

Lesson #15

Lesson #16 (OPTIONAL)

Extra Listening for coloring (optional)

Personages with Long Ears

Cuckoo in the Woods

The Aviary

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