Games and Websites

Please check out any of the following websites and interactive games! Have fun!

Chrome Music Lab– my favorite is “Song Maker” but feel free to try any of them!

Beep Box – Create your own “Video Game Music”  by clicking the boxes. Get creative and don’t forget to click Play!

Incredibox – Click “Try Web Version”, select your style and create your own music.

Carnegie Hall Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra – Create a login of your choice and play! 1st and 2nd grade students have tried this in class, now try at home! See if you can remember how to track down the instruments in the safari!

Music Tech Teacher –  In the Quizzes and Games section try any of the instruments of the orchestra games. I would recommend playing the “Carnegie Hall Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra” game first!

New York Philharmonic Kidzone! – Try any of the games!

MusicPlay – Scroll down until you see games and click “All Games” explore and play! Feel free to explore other areas of this website as well. We will be using this site for most of our online learning assignments!

Piano Resources – This site has great information and many links on proper piano technique. If you are playing piano at home or taking lessons, this is a great site to check out! Thanks to a fellow student for finding this resource! 

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